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We serve a variety of professionals from law firms and insurance companies to free agents and other individuals needing medical examination and documentation.

Medical Examination

WOH medicals has developed a network of reliable medical professionals who carry out your medical examinations to the highest standards of medical expertise and integrity. 

We provide an accurate and thorough assessment of claimants’ injuries and ensure the process is smooth, causing the least amount of hassle to the claimants who have already suffered from an accident.

Our appointment system gives you the flexibility to determine a suitable time for your medical examination. This is especially beneficial for professionals who are busy in their jobs during working hours.

Medical Report

At WOH Medicals, we specialise in providing accurate, reliable, and timely medical report writing services. Thanks to our team of expert writers, we handle your case in a professional and efficient way, regardless of its complexity.

We have developed the expertise, the team, and the technology to create and process all kinds of medical reports. These reports act as the bridge between the legal and the medical system. They are always written in a pre-determined format that is easy to digest and follow for everyone, irrespective of their technical background.

Moreover, we stay constantly in touch with you and ensure we are there to listen to your feedback and amend your report as soon as possible.

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